What is Crooked Creek?

217-742-3415 - Opens for 2017 on April 1

last update 10/5/16 - Hunting Season is On!

This site receives funding assistance through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources’
Off-Highway Vehicle Grant Program.

Crooked Creek is a family-oriented riding area of about 65 acres, with about 6.5 miles of trails. As you can see on the map, there is some rolling ground with a practice track on it to the north, and then you climb up to the south to over 40 acres of wooded trails. Some of these are easy, and some are quite steep and twisting. There is a new building, with a restroom and shower, kitchen area, and tables and chairs. HUNTING SEASON HAS STARTED, AND WINTER WILL MAKR OUR STEEP TRAILS PRONE TO DAMAGE. WE WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL APRIL 1, 2017. THANK YOU!

Site Plan

Thanks for helping us improve our riding area!

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